Ice Storm of November 30, 2006

All around the area, the scenes are the same after last week’s storm.

Ice, snow, bending & broken branches, piles of tree debris, and downed power lines.


   Five days after the season’s first storm, many in the local area were still without power on Tuesday night. Most AmerenIP customers were expected to be restored by Wednesday. However, some areas that had significant ice build-up and more rural areas where conditions were more difficult had to wait until Thursday or Friday for restoration.

   East Central and South West Illinois were the hardest hit areas. More than 110 Illinois towns and cities were without power. Approximately half of the 7,000 workers engaged in the two-state restoration effort were working in Illinois.  Utility workers came from 14 states to support the effort. Treacherous working conditions caused difficulty for crews in the field.

Kelsan Heights


Dog Kennel on Matilda Street         Mary Street Near Post Office

Mary Street Near Post Office


Tree Behind Post Office                          North Staff Area

Third Street Looking North from School


Third and Mary Street                      Fifth and Elizabeth Street

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