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Wilson Publications

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Article Pointers


When possible please type the article in something like Times New Roman using upper and lower case. (this works better if we need to scan the article and eliminates any questions on spelling of names since we don't all write clearly)


If hand writing the article please print, using upper and lower case.


Make sure that faxes or copies are of good quality.


Picture Pointers


Please use the following pointers when possible, but do not hesitate to send us what you have because, with our photo editing software, we can work with some defects and still get a useable picture. The following will just help make them better.


Avoid instant type pictures when possible (they do not reproduce as clearly)


Digital pictures are good only if printed on quality paper, sent by e-mail or on disk.


Try to use an area where the background is not multi color or cluttered with other objects. (the subjects sometimes blend in with the background when converted to black and white)


Remember that dark colors, when converted to black and white, will be black. Medium colors will probably be gray or black, and white will be bright white. Try to place subjects by color as well as size so one does not wash the other one out.


Watch for shadowing such as under trees or with hats shadowing the face. (a shadow will make that area dark when converted to black and white)


Watch for reflections such as sun or camera flashes. (this sometimes makes the face too bright or hides what the subject is, such as lettering on a poster or sign)


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